Grooming for the Groom

We are SO excited to announce that All Aglow Beauty is partnering up with Brandon Howard of KLEEN Barbers. We are offering a special deal when you book a Bridal Package with All Aglow and Groom Package with KLEEN Barbers.

Straight razor shaves and fresh shape ups are not only a great way for the Groom and Groomsmen to relax and get pampered but will also ensure they are looking just as stunning as the ladies are for the big day. Men, if you’re sporting a beard don’t shy away, that hair should be trimmed and shaped up. Your beard should not be growing down your neck!

Brandon is a seasoned barber and all around great guy. He is passionate about his work and it shows. KLEEN Barbers is committed to providing nothing less than a couture cut tailored to fit your specific grooming needs every time. Don’t forget to Like KLEEN Barbers on Facebook and follow them on Instagram and Twitter.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact myself, Bethany, or Brandon.

Bethany Hershberger-Kahn 410-409-1872

Brandon Howard 410-790-1591

KLEEN Barbers


8815 Pulaski Highway
Baltimore MD 21237

Wedding with Fox45

Planning a wedding in a year is a challenge, planning a wedding in a week can be quite the task, but with the right team anything can be accomplished. What an honor it was to provide services for Ingrid, the beautiful bride to be. From the moment we all got together that morning, she was lit up with pure joy. She was so excited and grateful for things to come. I enjoyed spending that time with Ingrid and her bridesmaids, being behind the scenes is what I enjoy most about weddings, watching every piece come together beautifully. I stayed to watch her ceremony at The Grand Historic Venue, the rich architecture was absolutely breath taking. Pop the Cork did an amazing job planning out every detail of their ceremony. I wish nothing but the best for this beautiful couple. Cheers!

Photography:  Joey of Trans4mation Photography

Bridal Trends Twothousand Fifteen

Besides the classics, such as a chignon, this year brides are requesting to simply have their natural beauty enhanced. The hair: voluminous curls, halo braids, loose fishtail braids and boho waves. The makeup: sun kissed with a peachy cheek and a bitten lip and neutral eye shades and fake lashes that are full yet simple and natural. This will give the Bride a nice clean look in her photographs. Always opt for the lashes, it makes all the difference.

Celebrities are already starting to follow this trend. Solange Knowles rocked her locks in their natural state, Kim Kardashian wore hers down and in loose curls. Ashley Tisdale, Lauren Conrad and Amal Alamuddin all had their hair styled in boho waves with simple hair accessories. Lauren and Amal wore veils between elbow and fingertip length, but Ashley’s beautiful floral crown was my personal favorite.

Weddings have become so personal and every detail flows together to create an all over look. If you’d like more information and would like for us to help make your day look complete, please visit our contact page, feel free to send us an email, like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!

Story as featured on FOX45

Jessy and Jesse

What a cold and windy winter day this was, but everyone survived through the 8 degree weather! Beautiful picture from the engagement photo shoot, styling and airbrush makeup. Congratulations Jessy and Jesse!

Photographer: GMS Photo and Video

Kate and Stacey

Week after week of hitting the gym and eating perfectly, my friends Kate and Stacey were ready to take the stage at the NPC Natural Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness, Bikini, and Physique Competition. All of their hard work and dedication would be for naught without the proper look. I helped them show off their sexy muscles and beautiful faces to take home two top 10 finishes! Kate and Stacey, you are an inspiration!

Katie and Jim

Katie was referred to me through a friend and after spending about fifteen minuets together, it felt as if we had been life long friends. At the time, her husband to be, Jim, had been away for quite sometime with the U.S. Navy. As she talked about Jim, I was in awe of their amazingly strong connection even with the distance between the two them. Everyone was so exuberant the morning of their wedding, apparently Katie’s and Jim’s passion for life and love was contagious. Katie was glowing and her bridesmaids couldn’t have been happier for her. I know these two will have a lifetime full of love and adventure!

Photographer: Photography by Brea

Cinematographer : Click Spark

Jessica and Brandon

Once upon a time at the young age of fifteen my fairy godmother granted me a pair of shears. With these shears I would practice cutting hair on anyone who would let me. My brave friend Jessica allowed me to try anything I wanted with her hair. No boundaries: color, cut, whatever my heart desired! Through the years you can imagine the fun we had, how many styles we have tried. So twelve years later on her wedding day, I couldn’t be more honored then doing her hair for one of the biggest days of her life. Weddings are always special to me, but this day is a day that I will always remember and hold close to my heart. Congratulations Jessica and Brandon!

Photography: Dunks Photo